Urologist in Punjabi Bagh Serving for Various Urological Issues

In the medical terminology, urology is a field of medicine that treats and diagnose the conditions and diseases related to male reproductive organs and urinary tract of both male and female. Urologist in Punjabi Bagh is specialized professionals those are proficient in detecting and diagnosing the conditions of the urinary tract. Conditions may include diseases in the urethra, bladder, kidneys, ureters, and adrenal glands.

Best Urologist in Punjabi Bagh

And the epididymis, prostate, penis, testes, and seminal vesicles specifically in men. The field of urology comprises a few different specialty areas:

  • Male infertility – corrects the conditions that are responsible for the male infertility
  • Female urology – this specialized area cures the pelvic outlet relaxation disorders and urinary incontinence in female
  • Calculi – removes the stones that are formed in the kidney and might move into the ureters
  • Pediatric urology – this medical specialty urologist in Punjabi Bagh treats the urological conditions and disease in the children
  • Neurology – the field offers the treatment for diseases including the erectile dysfunction and impotence, voiding disorders, and urodynamic evaluation of patients.
  • Urologic oncology – treats and diagnoses the cancer in the bladder and prostate
  • Renal transplantation – transplanting the kidneys due to the kidney failure.

Pediatric Urology:

Pediatric Urologist in Punjabi Bagh treats the urinary conditions in the children that even can be a bed-wetting problem. Despite this, there can be several other conditions that may require a visit to the urologist clinic or hospital.

“Vesicoureteral Reflux” or (VUR), where the urine flows back into the kidneys from the bladder that may result in urinary tract infections and kidney damage in the children.

“Undescended testicle” though the condition is not common and occurs only in 3 to 5% of the total male infants (on average). Often the infants are born with an ectopic testicle. In this condition, the testicles are present but not in the correct position.

“Hypospadias” this is birth defect condition where the meatus is located under the penis instead of being on the tip.

“Epispadias” the condition is considered as the birth defect in a child where the bladder and urethra are not formed normally and the pelvic bones don’t connect with together.