Effects of smoking on urological health
Effects of smoking on urological health

Effects of smoking on urological health

It is a reality that tobacco consumption affects urological health, especially in these 5 aspects.

This product not only increases the risk of lung cancer, but also has a significant impact on the appearance of various urological diseases. There are serious consequences to being addicted to tobacco use that include urological health related situations.

Erectile dysfunction, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, infertility, and overactive bladder can be negatively affected by smoking. Many everyday habits can influence your risk for cancer and other urological conditions.

Among them are:

-Prostate cancer . Tobacco is one of the main culprits for the appearance of cancer.

-Bladder cancer. The smoke that is expelled with cigarettes causes many chemicals to be absorbed by the body and invade the urine. And as this waste fluid remains stored in the bladder, the lining of the organ, being very sensitive, is affected.

-Kidney cancer. These same toxic substances present in tobacco are filtered into the bloodstream and, therefore, pass to the kidneys.

-Erectile dysfunction. An erection occurs when the corpora cavernosa of the penis fill with blood; but, if there is a vasodilation problem, the blood does not arrive in the amounts or the pressure necessary to maintain it.

-Urinary incontinence. Tobacco intervenes considerably in the possibility of suffering from incontinence, especially if they are patients of middle and advanced age.

If you want to reduce the chances of any of these diseases, smoking is high on your list of habits to quit.

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