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Urologist in Paschim Vihar Explains the Factors Responsible for Male Infertility

Urologist in Paschim Vihar identifies, diagnose, treat, and monitor the disorders that are related to the urinary tract in both men and women, and external genital organs including kidney, urethra, ureter, and prostate. Though some urologist covers all the areas of the urology whereas, some specialize in the particular field of urology such as female urology, pediatric urology, neurology, male infertility, urologic oncology, and renal transplantation.

Urologist in Paschim Vihar

Urology in male infertility:

Any condition in men that decrease the chances of making the female partner conceive a baby can be termed as male infertility. Urologist in Paschim Vihar explains that there can be various that may affect the male fertility such as the age, unbalanced lifestyle, consumption of alcohol or drugs, smoking, disorders with the male reproductive organs, injury, other diseases like diabetes and blood pressure, and even following an unhealthy diet chart. Despite the other several factors, male infertility is commonly caused due to the sperm disorders that include low sperm count, blocked sperm ducts, low sperm motility, and malformed sperm. Moreover, exposure to heat, chemicals, or medications for the long term can cause a temporary fall in the sperm production.

Urologist in Paschim Vihar recommends various tests to determine male infertility including urine analysis, semen analysis, and blood tests.

Urine analysis – an analysis of urine helps the urologist to determine the levels of protein, sugar, and testosterone. Imbalance of these components may indicate that a patient is suffering from the kidney disease, diabetes, or testosterone deficiency.

Semen analysis – this test is conducted to examine the sperm count and sperm movement in a male reproductive organ. If a fall in sperm count and sperm movement is determined, the urologist provides the best treatment to diagnose the condition.

Blood test – the test is performed by the urologist to know the count of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin.

Therefore, it is a misconception that infertile couples face the complexities to conceive a baby only because of female infertility. Rather, there are equal chances of one of the partner may have infertility disorders.