The lack of male desire is still a taboo among men, after all, the concept prevails that one must always be ready to maintain a sexual relationship. However, falling libido is a reality and interferes with the quality of life if not receive low libido / low sex desire treatment in Rohini at earliest.

Sexuality is essential for keeping the mind and body in balance, and difficulties with sex affect life in different ways. For this reason, it is very important to break this taboo, talk about the lack of desire, and understand what causes this problem.

Here you can find the factors that influence man’s sexuality and how it can be treated to restore confidence, self-esteem, and health. Keep reading to better understand this subject.

What causes a lack of male desire?

Unfortunately, the thought still prevails that the man must be a “male”, always ready for sex. This is not healthy, because it generates great pressure to be “infallible” and, when it does not, the man may feel diminished and his masculinity is shaken.

However, the lack of male desire is a reality that everyone can experience. After all, there are several factors that influence a man’s libido and this lack of desire for sex can even be a passing event.

Anyway, it is essential to understand what are the factors that can harm a man’s sexuality, because this can have a reflection in other aspects, such as in humor, self-esteem, self-confidence, and even in the disposition for routine activities.

It is important to note that the lack of desire can affect men of any age, precisely because it is related to various causes. Even a boy who is still in early adulthood can be affected by this problem. For, even if your health is in balance, the drop in libido can be related to the psychological.

Below is a list of possible causes for a man’s lack of sexual desire.

Health problems

For a man to feel desire and have an erection, his body must trigger several reactions, so health must be balanced. So, those who have a disease or condition may have difficulties with sex.

Kidney, vascular, heart, and diabetes problems are some examples of what can cause this feat in men. Hence the importance of constant medical monitoring and of carrying out appropriate treatments to maintain health.

Psychological factors

Sexuality is also directly related to psychological factors because the mind needs to be well so that the man can relax and enjoy the moment. Thus, if there is stress,  tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and other problems, a lack of libido is manifested.

If the man is unable to concentrate, feels pressured, is unsure of maintaining an erection or has other negative thoughts, there is the discouragement of even trying the relationship.

Low hormone production

Lack of male desire can also be traced to hormonal problems. When hormones are out of balance or there is low testosterone production, men may no longer have the desire to have sex.

It is common for this drop to occur with advancing age, as naturally, the body stops producing some hormones. However, when this starts too early, it is necessary to seek medical help so that not only the sexual life is not affected, but this condition does not trigger other health problems.

Some medications

There are some medications that can also reduce libido, being one of the side effects. This is because they mess with brain or organism chemistry and can even affect blood circulation and other body functions.

If the man is using some medication and feels the interference in his sex life, it is essential to report this condition to the doctor, in order to verify the possibility of exchanging the substance for another that does not cause this problem.

The abuse of chemicals such as illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco also causes a lack of male desire. In addition, they affect all health and can lead to erectile dysfunction, among other diseases.

low sex desire treatment in Rohini

What are the treatments for male libido loss?

Fortunately, it is possible low libido / low sex desire treatment in Rohini so that the man regains his sexuality and has a better quality of life. However, it is necessary that he put aside prejudice and seek specialized help to correctly identify the causes of the problem and define the best low sex desire treatment in Rohini.

Often, men live with this condition because they are ashamed to seek help, as the pressure from society makes them feel diminished. However, it is essential to understand that this condition is not rare and it does not minimize your masculinity. Here are some treatments that can be adopted.

Psychological monitoring

A psychologist is essential when the lack of male desire is related to mental factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also happen that traumatic sexual experiences cause this block, which requires professional intervention to overcome the limitation.


There are several drugs that help men to regain their desire for sex. Many are sold without a prescription, but the ideal is to see a sexologist in Rohini, because these substances have side effects and contraindications, and are characterized as a health risk if they are not administered correctly.

Health balance

As stated, some diseases and organic conditions reduce a man’s sexual appetite, so it may be necessary to adopt medical treatments so that the body can function again in harmony and recover its functions, favoring sexuality.

Physical exercises

Obesity, high cholesterol, and stress affect sex life, and exercise can significantly contribute to reversing these and other conditions. Exercising activates the organic functions, regulates the hormonal production, and brings well-being The man feels well physically and psychologically, thus, he has more desire for sex and disposition for him.

Any problem involving sexuality should be discussed with a sexologist in Pitampura. Therefore, when the lack of male desire manifests, it is essential to seek medical help, as this may be the symptom of some condition that requires attention. The most important thing is for men to set aside prejudice and think first about their well-being, in order to receive help and recover their quality of life.