It is common for men to wonder about the size of their penis. In recent years, the demand for penis enlargement surgery in Rohini, Delhi has grown.

This type of modification has become a necessity for many men, mainly because the size of the penis is often associated with self-esteem, in cultures that increasingly insist on overestimating sizes above the average of a population. However, like all surgery, penile augmentation is not without complications and can even have serious complications, such as:

  • Deformities: penile augmentation techniques can cause hypertrophic scars, which lead to major aesthetic deformities in the organ, such as scrotalization or alteration of its angulation at the time of erection.
  • Injuries: damage to the penis structure, neurological and arterial injuries, which can cause infections, abscess formation, loss of sensation and even erection.
  • Urological problems: In addition to problems related to erection, penile augmentation surgery can also cause urological complications such as problems with urination and consequent urinary infections.

Penis enlargement surgery in Rohini, Delhi can cause growth of up to four centimeters, but it is important to remember that these procedures do not affect your size when erect.

Why do some men think their penis is small?

Male self-esteem can be affected when a man feels inferior because he believes his penis is smaller than that of others. This inadequacy, which can be real or imaginary, is very frequent, and can affect men of all age groups.
The psychological trauma of the “small penis” is induced even in childhood by comparing children of the same age and by parents’ anxiety about the anatomical aspect of their children’s genitals. This concern can develop an inferiority complex that the child will carry with him until adulthood.

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But there are men who are convinced that their penis is really small!

What is observed in daily practice is that the vast majority of men with complaints of a small penis present with the organ within the measures considered normal for the adult individual. These men suffer from a marked feeling of inadequacy and even though they are explained that the penis is normal, they feel it is too small to fill their sexual image and sexism.

And why this feeling of inferiority?

With greater sexual liberation, the man’s fear of not being considered “normal” by his partner increased dramatically. The small penis as an external negative sign of sexual identity creates an extremely negative psychological impact. The fear of being ridiculed or rejected by women has led an increasing number of men to want clinical or surgical treatments to enlarge the genital organ. Thus, it is not surprising that the demand for penile augmentation techniques has increased in the last decade.

When is penile augmentation surgery indicated?

Despite the cultural aesthetic appeal, the main indications for penile augmentation surgery are only to solve problems in their functional capacity, such as cases of micropenis, epispadia, severe hypospadias, consequent retractions of Peyronie’s disease, partial amputations cancer and other traumatic problems.

What is the normal penis size?

The average size of the penis is 8.5 to 9.5 cm in flaccidity, and 13 to 14 cm in erection. A micropenis situation is characterized by size less than 7 cm in erection. However, it is observed that the great majority of men who seek penis enlargement surgery in Rohini, Delhi have the medium size organ in full functionality and, therefore, do not represent any of the situations mentioned above.